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Disinfectant Wipes With 75% Alcohol Are in Stock at Amazon30 Apr 2020 — As for wipes and sanitizers, the CDC recommends using one with at least 60% alcohol content to effectively kill virus-causing bacteria. These Health Guard Sanitizing Alcohol Wipes, Pack of 80 Wipes ItemMultifunctional alcohol wipes contain 75% alcohol saturation. Wipes kill up to 99% of all bacteria to clean anytime, anywhere and are easy to carry. 75% alcohol 
Caresour Advanced 75% Alcohol Hand  Other · Advanced 75% Alcohol Formula · DISPOSABLE WIPES: Contains 4 packs of 50 disposable, hand sanitizer wipes, each wipe is 5.9” x 7.9” sheets alcohol wipes Results 1 - 16 of 2000+ — Caresour Advanced 75% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Wipes, 4 Packs of 50 (200 Wipes). 4.6 out of 5 stars 8,844Sanitizing Wipes 75% Alcohol Wipes Disinfectant Wipes (60Benefits of Alcohol Wipes: · Large enough to cover big surface areas (counters, tables, stairway railings) · Strong enough do sterilize (75% alcohol sterilizes 99.99% 

10 PCS 75% Alcohol Disinfectant Antiseptic Wet Wipes with FDA
10 PCS 75% Alcohol Disinfectant Antiseptic Wet Wipes with FDA
1 pcs
Disinfectant Cleaning 75% Alcohol Medical Wipes
Disinfectant Cleaning 75% Alcohol Medical Wipes
1 pcs
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